Testimonials from past clients:

Hollee, I just want to thank you for making my website. I love it and have received so much positive feedback. It's better than I imagined. I appreciate all the time you put in it. You are amazing. Thank you again.


**Julie and Harold Torkelson**

Katie and Company


When I found Hollee's own personal childcare website on the internet, I was so impressed that I called her immediately to see who designed it.  I was so excited to hear that she actually designed it herself and manages her own web design company. Hollee is not only a perfectionist at web designing, but a wonderful, patient, and caring person. She does so much detail for the small fee she charges.  She designed the exact website that I had in mind and even more!  She had it up and running perfect in less then a week!  I was so excited to see my own website on the internet, but even more surprised when I had an inquiry already the very next day!  I think it is so neat that potential clients can go directly to my website and see just what my daycare has to offer. I would highly recommend Hollee to design your web site. You will not be disappointed!


**Peggy Turner**

Learning Tykes Childcare



Hollee is a superstar!!!  I would recommend her to anyone and already have!  I was so thrilled to see how fast, consistent, and punctual she is.  She got my website going in no time and went above and beyond my expectations.  I have worked with other web designers in the past and they don’t even come close to the work Hollee does.  She is very personable, easy to work with and best of all knowledgeable.  I was impressed on how creative she was at designing my website.  I have people emailing me just to say what an awesome website I have.  It is only day 5 and I have received 6 inquiries, what more can I ask for?   Wow thanks, Hollee!  You rock!


**Jessie Stringfellow**

One Step Up Childcare



This is my first website.  I knew nothing about creating a website and I saw that there were other websites for daycares in my area.  I thought that it was time I got one for my business.  I saw what Hollee has done with her own website and a couple of others.  I am very happy with the work that Hollee has done on the website that she created for me.  Hollee was very easy to work with and has great ideas!  She is very professional and patient!  Hollee wants the site to be what the client wants.  Happee Hollee = Happy Client!


**Wendy Skurich**
Wendy's Wee Ones




You did an outstanding job designing my web site.  I just LOVE it!!!  You are truly a creative professional who loves what she does and it shows!  I also want to say thanks for your kindness, your encouragement, and your willingness to share your endless amounts of knowledge.  I will be highly recommending you and your services to all and of course, I will continue to use your services myself. 


**Debbie Fernandez**

Sunny Days Childcare



Hollee created an amazing website for my childcare.  She kept in constant contact to make sure the site was exactly what I wanted.  My website exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the creative process and the end result.  I really appreciate the time Hollee put into it and the fact that she genuinely wants to help others succeed!  Thanks!


**Erin Rheault**

Happy Home Playschool



I am absolutely amazed with how fun and easy Hollee made the whole process of creating a website for my daycare.  I had been thinking about having one created for three years but just didn't think I had it in me to tackle such a huge project.  Then one day I received an email from Hollee letting me know who she was and what she could do for me.  She asked what I was looking for in a website (which I didn't really know the answer to at the time).  I gave her some real basic information and within a couple of days I received her rough draft.  She had created exactly what I was looking for.  I am so happy with my whole experience with Hollee.  She was fun, friendly, professional, creative, efficient and so incredibly affordable.  The feedback I have received from clients, family and friends makes me so happy and proud.  I am so thankful to Hollee for making this whole experience so wonderful.  Thanks Hollee!!!


**Missy Torbenson**

Best Friends Daycare



Hollee did all the work, I mean everything!  She was great.  I am not very computer savvy and she went through the process one step at a time and answered questions I had with easy-to-understand answers. She was quick, efficient, and a joy to work with!!  I will be having her do any work I may have in the future, she is well worth the modest fee she charges!


**Dawn Berndt**

Dawn's Daisies Daycare



As a new business owner I was unsure of the process involved in setting up a website.  I am so thankful I found Hollee Saville.  Not only did she do professional and wonderful work on my site, she also educated me in the process and explained all the fees involved.  She is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the website set up and operation that I would not hesitate recommending her!


**Sarah Hamlin**
Little Gems Creative Play



When looking for someone to re-design my curriculum web site, I thought of no one else but Hollee. She did a fantastic job. Hollee worked with me to make sure that I was happy with every aspect of the page, and has been a tremendous help to me after the web site was done. I LOVE the new web page design..... It is colorful, easy to navigate, and I get nothing but compliments from providers that use the site. Thank you, Hollee, for working with me to make my web site the best it could be!


**Jean Lang**

1 - 2 - 3 Learn Curriculum



I was very impressed with Hollee. She did a fantastic job with my preschool website. She went above and beyond my wishes and her customer service is A+. If you are looking for someone who really knows the childcare industry and can design a great website, then Hollee is your girl. Getting a website designed by someone who has never done childcare is just not the same. I wanted someone that understood my needs and could give input. Hollee's experience and professionalism is bar none. I love my website and my logo Hollee!!! Thank you so very much for all your input and support. You did an excellent job and you have great prices!! HOLLEE ROCKS!!!! Thanks!


**Kim Perleberg**
Little Thinkers Preschool and Childcare



We were looking for someone to re-design our daycare web site. I came a cross one of Hollee's brochures at a daycare training conference, and it looked amazing so I had to call her. She is so easy to work with, she had ours up in just a few days. We LOVE the new web site design!! I would highly recommend Hollee to everyone, she was AMAZING!! THANKS!


**Karen Lebens**

Karen & John's Daycare



I have always dreamed of having my own website. After just some basic searching on what I would have to do, can you say LOST and didn't know the first thing to do? I dare not get into what it would all cost! So, that dream faded very quickly. It wasn't long after that I came across a link to Hollee's web design company. When I saw what she offered and the LOW cost for such professional work, I couldn't believe it. Thinking it was too good to be true, I decided to give Hollee a call. Hollee is the sweetest person. She was very clear and made getting this website done easy as 123. You supply the information & she does the work. THAT SIMPLE! I am TOTALLY satisfied with my website and wouldn't change one thing about it. But the best thing of all I made a new friend & am glad to say that I had a chance to meet (talk) with someone as nice, kind & caring as Hollee. I can mark this dream off the list with no bumps in the road or regrets about who I chose to make that dream come true. Designs by Hollee=Website dreams a reality for me. Hollee, you're great at what you do & an even greater person. I thank you for everything.


**LePrecia James**

Precious Beginnings Childcare


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