About Me


My name's Hollee and I'm a licensed family childcare provider in St. Michael, Minnesota.  After receiving many compliments about my website and requests from other providers to design websites for them, I began this new adventure (thank you to those who encouraged me to finally do this)!



I taught myself how to design websites in 1998, when I taught myself html code to make a history website.  I studied marketing during my high school years and even won a few national marketing competitions (DECA).  I minored in business administration at the University of San Diego, as well, and have worked in several promotions positions, so I bring my marketing expertise into every project.



Most importantly, however, I am a childcare provider and small business owner; I understand things from YOUR point-of-view and that of your potential clients.  I believe my passion for education and childcare reflects itself in my work and I truly put every ounce of my energy into making websites that are fun, unique, and effective.  I admit that don't make the most slick or ornate websites,  nor do I pretend to be the best web designer in the world, but I believe I combine the perfect amounts of functionality, professionalism, and fun to make websites that you and others will love!



For more information, please contact Hollee:

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